What other benefits does COTA provide?

What other benefits does COTA provide?

The COTA movement has been active in developing projects which assist various seniors groups over many years. Increasingly our projects involve delivery of information and assistance programs through Peer Educators, who are volunteers receiving training, program delivery materials and support through COTA Project Officers. Examples of our current national projects include Seniors Quality Use of Medicines and Beyond Maturity Blues program. However, we are also developing and delivering a range of other national programs and projects which will assist seniors of various ages to deal with issues they can expect to face during their lives.

Programs which are already being operated in various States and Territories address issues such as strength and fitness, safety, the specific aged care needs of people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, access to relevant information and many other subjects of importance to our seniors.

COTAs are responsive to the changing needs of seniors and see project delivery as an effective means of providing information and activities which make a difference to people’s lives. Our members play a vital role in delivery of projects, but also have the opportunity to assist in the development of project ideas.

Our projects are developed in conjunction with funding bodies which are usually national organisations and/or Government agencies with an interest in reaching out to Australia’s seniors, using the respected and trusted COTA network with its proven track record of project delivery.

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