How does COTA represent Australia’s seniors?

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How does COTA represent Australia’s seniors?

A key word for COTAs is “connection”. Through the development of an infrastructure, including a senior manager and a Board of senior citizens in every State and Territory, as well as Policy Councils comprised of interested and dynamic seniors, COTAs have won the confidence of all State and Territory Governments and achieved funding as Peak Bodies. The resulting network of employees and volunteers ensures COTAs are strongly connected to the policy development and decision making processes in every State and Territory.

Our connections extend to a very wide range of public service, non Government and commercial organisations within each State and Territory. Among groups representing seniors in Australia, this degree of connectedness is unique to the COTA movement, and ensures that people who join our organisation have the best possible representation within their State or Territory. It is relevant that although we value members, and provide them with the best possible representation, it should be readily apparent that our influence and credibility are not dependent on the absolute numbers of members we have.

It is also relevant that unlike some other seniors organisations in Australia, COTAs embrace membership by other organisations, such as Senior Citizens Clubs, relevant non Government organisations and various other clubs and societies. These memberships significantly enhance our reach into the community and ensure our connectedness provides a very comprehensive understanding of the needs of seniors in our respective States and Territories.

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